Monitor Your Pasting Lines in Real-Time

Collect and analyze your line data with  Automatic Thickness Control (ATC) Software

Never Miss a Beat: Thanks to Real-Time Process Visualizations

Our intuitive dashboards make sure that your operators see and use the process data produced by the Mate Gauge. You can customize your thickness targets and threshold values and make process adjustments on the fly. The system will automatically notify you of any process deviations.

View Current and Historical Thickness Values

You can cycle through visualization for current thickness measurements and run charts or multiple locations across your plates, giving you a complete picture of your plate profiles. A needle gauge display shows your left-right thickness variations, allowing you to prevent leaning stacks. 

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Five Operation Modes for Any Situation

Choose the scanning mode that suits your process:

  • Scan Capture

  • Scan Capture – sample

  • Gauge and Go

  • Gauge and Go – Micro Scan

  • Gauge and Go – Four Corners

Measurement Filters to Keep Data Relevant

Our software performs internal quality control to make sure your data is meaningful. Our software filters for signal quality, measurement outliers, working range, deviations from the recent average, and deviations from your target thickness.

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Alarms Let You Know When the System Needs an Operator to Intervene

Set up custom thresholds for thickness, width, signal quality, product centering, and system health. Our software will notify you when the system needs to be corrected manually. 

Full-Line Integration Solutions

Our software makes sure that your laser gauging system integrates with the rest of your line. The system can read line status from a stacker, pass measurements to a PLC, report in real-time on PLC status, perform automatic starting/stopping of the Mate Gauge, and set up automatic product changes. 

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Multiple Data Reporting Options

You can customize how (and how often) you want to receive data from the system. Options include a measurement summary csv file, file viewer, and email reports. 

Get Unprecedented Process Intel to Help You Drive Continuous Improvements

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