The Automatic Thickness Gauge Custom-Designed for Cast Lead Strip

The DMS1200 is optimized for TBS strip casting machines. It allows you to take in-line measurements without stopping or slowing your lines


Keep Your Casting Lines Running Smoothly

The DMS1200 allows you to reduce error and reduce operator time spent near hazardous moving lead strips. Because it's a non-contact gauge, DMS1200 is ideal for soft and delicate materials and maintains accuracy through temperature fluctuations. It even works on shiny, irregular surfaces.

Measure, Monitor, and Control

Real-time thickness measurements give you the power to control your cast strip lines with unprecedented precision

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Track the Full Strip Profile

The design allows you to measure thickness at multiple locations at once – giving you the full view of your strip profile

More Benefits

Save Material

Customers have cut costs by up to 5%.

Reduce Weight

Improve performance by cutting battery weight by 4%

Cut Variation

Reduce process variation by up to 80%

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