Still Measuring Plates Manually?

You Can Save Lead With the  Mate Gauge S  – Our Automatic, Non-Contact Laser Thickness Gauge


Laser Thickness Measurements for:

Pasting Lines • Cast Lead Strip • Rolled Lead Strip

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Individual Plates

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Continuous Panel

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Continuous Strip

Why Measure Thickness?

Improved thickness control gives you the power to achieve better acid-to-paste volume matching and optimal cell compression. This is especially important for AGM batteries, which have strict thickness tolerances.

The end results, no matter which battery type you’re producing, are:

  • Reduced scrap – eliminate thickness variations upfront

  • Improved quality – reduce operator error and identify bad plates

  • Enhanced safety – protect operators from exposure to harmful lead materials

  • Better batteries – when you have tight thickness control, you can reduce your design tolerances and improve design performance

Choose Between In-Line and Near-Process Automatic Control

You’ll never have to manually remove a plate from your lines again. The Mate Gauge can be installed in-line to measure plates or strips continuously as they pass through the line. Or you can choose our Near-line gauge for installation next to the line, allowing your operator to quickly grab a plate and take a thickness reading.

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Measure the Entire Plate Profile

The gauge is mounted on linear actuators so it can take side-to-side thickness readings, giving you a complete picture of your plate profile. This allows you to identify uneven plates before they cause a problem down the line. Say goodbye to leaning stacks.

Added Functionality to Ensure Your Lines Run When You Need Them

Every Mate Gauge comes standard with active cooling to ensure near-100% uptime, temperature locking to prevent damage from unexpected temperature increases, automatic referencing and calibration to keep the gauge measuring accurately every time, self-cleaning and self-diagnostics for worry-free maintenance, a ‘Gauge and Go’ setting for simple strip measurements, and a ‘Scan Capture’ mode for simultaneous strip traversal and thickness measurements. 

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Produces the Intel You Need for Process Improvements

Your Mate Gauge comes with a touchscreen computer that continuously collects and displays information on maximum, minimum, and mean thickness; line speed; plate length; and time of cast. The system sends daily email reports and features web-accessible traceability of historical data.

Start with the customer – find out what they want and give it to them.

Gets You Ready for Fully Closed-Loop Control

With continuous and accurate thickness readings, it’s easy to add automatic closed-loop control to your pasting lines. That means no more manual pasting adjustments. Ever. With addition of the Paste Saver to your line, you can use the Mate Gauge for automatic thickness adjustments to ensure perfect paste application. 

The Result?

Save Material

Eliminate operator error and reduce scrap by 3-5%

Boost Quality

Slash thickness variations between plates – prevent uneven plates and leaning stacks

Unlock Process Improvements

Tighter control allows you to design better batteries

Learn more about non-contact laser gauging with the Mate Gauge

Download the Data Sheet for detailed specs  

In Line

Mate Gauge

Key Features
  • Closed-Loop Control
  • Traversal Scanning
  • Built-In Cooling and Temperature Stabilization
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Self-Cleaning and Self-Diagnostics
  • Pasting Lines.
  • For Installation before or after flash dry.
  • Measures continuous strip or individual
  • Save Material and Improve Quality by improving thickness consistency
  • Eliminate side outside thickness variations
  • Reduce operator error
  • Provides statistical feedback for enabling process Improvements
  • Line Speed 100+ m / min [300+ ft / min]
  • Plate Thickness (typical)0.5 mm to 6 mm[0.020 to 0.230 in]
  • Plate Type Continuous Strip; Single Panel, Double Panel
  • Pasting Machine Cloth Belt, Steel Belt, Drum, FOP
  • Surface With or without pasting paper, flat or textured.
  • Line Location Before or After Flash Dry
  • Spray-Down Near Spray Down is acceptable. Not intended for frequent high pressure wash.
  • Strip Width 14" to 30"
  • Dust Rating: IP58
  • Resolution 0.1 μm [0.00004 in]
  • Accuracy (typical) 4 μm [0.00016 in]
  • Stroke 38 cm [15 in]
  • Scanning Speed 5 cm/sec [2 in/sec]
  • Thickness Range 0 to 18 mm [0 to 0.7 in]
  • Measurement Freq. 1 to 3 kHz
  • Sensor Assembly 28 kg [62 lbs]
  • Sensor Panel 10kg [22 lbs]
  • Operator Panel 10kg [22 lbs]
Supply Requirements
  • Supply Requirements 6A @ 110V/60 Hz 3A @ 240V/50 Hz
  • Air 12 CFM @ 90 PSI
  • Sensor Assembly 76 x 69 x 23 cm [30 x 27 x 9 in]
  • Electrical Box 41 x 41 x 15 cm [16 x 16 x 6 in]
  • Operator HMI Panel 51 x 51 x 15 cm [20 x 20 x 6 in]
  • Operating Temperature 10°C to 60°C [50°F to 140°F]
  • Humidity < 90%